"I first met Jan Linder Koda at TAXI 2011, when she gave a fantastic hands-on presentation on performing. She was so good, I immediately signed up on the spot for a personal 1:1 performance coaching session the next morning. As Jan and I worked together that first day, I could feel immediately that she was a genius at pulling out of me the meaning and the emotion of the lyrics, She drew from me the inner connection I already felt to each word I had written, so that my vocal performance was genuine and heartfelt. She was right there with me, looking directly in my eyes, mirroring every feeling. It was a revelation to be coached this way. I knew then that Jan and I would work together again, even though she was in LA and I was in Seattle. When the time came in 2012 to shoot a music video, I felt that it was important for me to try and give the best acting and vocal performance I could - since I was spending money to produce a professional video. I needed to give my all. So I asked Jan if she would fly up to Seattle to coach me during the video shoot. Not having any acting experience, I was nervous about performing in front of the camera. Jan worked with me right on the video set, coaching me and helping me amplify the emotion I felt for the song through my hand and body movements. In addition to my acting, Jan also simultaneously coached my vocal performance. It was important to me to actually record the vocal performance during the video shoot, so we shot the video in a recording studio to ensure the audio and video would synch well. Jan was totally at home in the studio. Not only is she an amazing acting and vocal coach, she is also a music producer in her own right. What makes working with Jan totally worth every penny is the fact that she gets completely involved in your project. She understands immediately what you need, and she is completely professional. As a talented actress and vocalist herself, Jan knows performing inside and out, and, even more important, she is a genuine human being who cares about her clients. " - Solveig

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Solveig Whittle is the lead vocalist, lyricist, and business side of the pop/folk duo Solveig & Stevie, whose other member is studio musician and producer, Stevie Adamek. Stevie was originally signed by Scepter Records (See Band) and then Columbia Records (Bighorn). He also composed for and performed with the iconic Seattle band, The Allies, one of the first to have a music video on MTV (Emma Peel).