January 2011 Newsletter

  • January 18, 2011 8:17 am

At this time of year we think of the charities that we contribute to. What are everyone’s favorite charities that you contribute to? I contribute to autism organizations, and project cuddle. My son has autism. When we were going to adopt we became familiar with Project Cuddle who saves abandoned babies. How about you?

People are talking about Jan’s album “Sophisticated Lullabies” We have sold almost 700 albums and given $5000.00 to autism organizations. Buy your copy by clicking the link below.

“I bought your “Sophisticated Lullabies” CD several years ago, and I listen to it often. I also share the songs with every little person in my life! Your music now soothes their children. Adults I know who still struggle with disabilities can really appreciate your gentle vocals and tender lyrics, and the kid in me is always touched when I listen to your songs. Thank you for sharing your gifts. ”

-Linda Kay Burk-Positive Music

People love the tips and have been buying the guide. We would love to get your feedback once you have purchased the guide.
Join award-winning songwriter/producer Jan Linder-Koda for a mentoring session. She will improve your vocal skills, performance quality, songwriting abilities, studio techniques and answer any questions related to artist development. Lessons must be used by January 29, 2011.

As a Thank You for referring a friend, Im offering a free session for every referral who commits to a package of 4 sessions with me.
Guide Tip: Often, I’ve noticed that singers will focus so much on technique they forget about feelings. They worry about the sound of their voice instead of the emotions in the song. Unfortunately, by doing so they limit the impact they could have and leave the audience out of the equation. Performers who do that may be entertaining, but they’re not communicating. And communication is the key to a successful vocal career. Indeed, the best singers in the world are also world-class communicators. Their performance is so good they can even make an average song better.

Maribelle Bontilao was back in the studio recording a brand new track for the pop song “The Light Inside Your Heart” by Jan and Michael Orland (musical director of American Idol) We brought in the big guns with Michael. We laughed even harder with the combination of Marty, Michael, Mirabelle Mykee, and Jan (the only one not starting with an M).

Tiffany Alvord was back with Jan at Marty Rifkin’s studio recording her own song “Crazy Good”. Tiffany is the amazing 18 year old who has over 4 million hits and over 280 thousand fans on her YouTube channel. She can teach even the old dogs new marketing tricks.

Mia Garrison recorded at Roy Braverman”s Studio. The song was the charming kid song written by Jan Linder-Koda called “Catered Snacks”. This is the 3rd time Mia has recorded and has an amazing voice. She is ready to get her fan pages together. She’s one of those kids who a producer prays for. I feel pretty lucky to be working with her.

Angel Diva Music has many instrumental tracks that you can use to record Jan’s original songs for your package. We make it economically possible for many of our clients to afford a radio ready recording. Many of my clients share tracks. Call Jan to find out more details.

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December Newsletter

  • December 19, 2010 4:34 pm

Directing Singers is a big hit. You have been downloading the guide. Here’s another tip from the guide.

TIP from Michael Orland (Musical Director for American Idol) “Singers should be well rehearsed so we can do all the fun creative stuff in the studio. Nothing is worse than spending studio time to learn a song.”

This Guide will help singers and producers understand what it takes to achieve a great vocal performance, in the studio and on the stage. Filled with tips, advice and exercises, it will show you how singers can connect with the emotional content of their songs and leave their audiences longing for more.

Jan was interviewed by Doctor Julie Rohde-Brown as the two explore what it is like to parent a child with autism.
Join award-winning songwriter/producer Jan Linder-Koda for a mentoring session. She will improve your vocal skills, performance quality, songwriting abilities, studio techniques and answer any questions related to artist development. Contact Jan for details…

This has been such a busy time in the studio. We recorded a wonderful children’s session on Michael Caruso’s “Claudia Jolie,” with ‘saving the world with sound Roy Braverman’, engineering.

Jan and Roy Braverman were co-producers along with Lena Tufenjian on Lena’s project. Lena is a pop artist who has a beautiful voice along with her songs. You can catch Lena on Reverbnation.

We are currently in the studio with upcoming star Tiffany Alvord. The song is “Crazy Good” written by Tiffany. Tiffany has 250,000 followers on her Youtube channel. Watch for this young artist to hit pretty hard. Her talent is pretty awesome.

We also recorded “Still Touching Me” with Samantha Falkenstein. This 11 year old has so much soul. The song written by Jan Linder-Koda, Brianne Bogel, and Ted Hutt (Flogging Molly producer), is a haunting song about those loved and lost.

Jan and Marty have been in the studio recording. Patrice and Jan go way back to several years. It is wonderful that this match has finally happened in the studio.

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November Newsletter

  • December 19, 2010 4:32 pm

Skype is working. Jan has been teaching people artist development from vocal technique to business strategies. Skype is free and feels like you are communicating in the same room. We have clients from Amsterdam, Sweden, Boston. Give it a try. You can pay in advance by PayPal. It’s free to download and free to use. *Skype is free to download. There is an hourly fee for sessions with Angel Diva Music.

Jan attended this year’s taxi road rally. She taught and mentored one on one, and had many heart to heart talks with several artists from around the world. Jan’s artist Tiffany Alvord (pictured left) was on the marketing panel. She is the 17 year old wonder who has over 250 thousand fans and over 4 million hits on YouTube. Jan has the privilege of producing her.

Jan with Beau Dozier where they were both mentors. Jan taught Beau when he was a little boy. He was in her production of “Christmas Has Been Cancelled” He played Santa. He still is just as sweet as he was then. He still is just as sweet as he was then.

My best laugh of the weekend was with Dorian Frankel and Lucy Sustar at lunch. It was so great running in to so many friends, like Joanne and John Braheny, Jason Blume (who is also from Philly) Simeon Speigel, Tom Bishel, Frankin Spicer, Alex Del Zoppo, Toni Koch, Shakeh Herbeckian, you get the idea.

Jan and Bernard Baur wrote a guide called “Directing Singers From An Actor’s Perspective”. Every copy taken to the rally was SOLD! Some of the highlights from this year were Jan and Bernard Baur’s class on “Artist Development”. Watch for the full book coming out early 2011.

Click the button below to download your copy of the guide today!

Written and sung by Jan herself,
a beautiful collection of childeren’s songs.

Sign up for any of our new sessions.

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October 2010 Newsletter

  • November 10, 2010 8:04 am

Every year Taxi®, the worlds leading independent A&R company, hosts a Road Rally, where current Taxi® members can meet major and indie label A&R people, publishers and Film & TV music licensing experts and supervisors.

Jan from Angel Diva Music will be mentoring and teaching at the Taxi® Road Rally November 4th thru November 7th.  Jan will be teaching her popular class “Directing Singers from an Actor’s Perspective”. Last year thousands of songwriters from around the world came to the Los Angeles Westin Hotel.

Look for the Artist Development guide “Directing Singers from an Actor’s Perspective” written by Jan and Bernard Baur. Jan Linder-Koda’s “Guide to a Great Vocal Performance” will help singers and producers understand what it takes to achieve a great performance, in the studio and on stage. Filled with tips, advice and exercises, it will show you how singers can connect with the emotional content of their songs. An artist advocate, award-winning journalist and educator; Bernard Baur has been the connection between the streets and the suites for many artists. More on how to buy this comprehensive book for singers and producers coming up.

Jan Linder-Koda from Angel Diva Music hosted a NARIP Brunch on August 28th. There was a great crowd. The mixer was fabulous and many connections were made. People brought their instruments and we had a great jam. Tess put on a fine event and we all had a feast provided by Angel Diva Music and Tess Taylor. If you would like to host a narip brunch, contact Tess Taylor at Tess@narip.com.

Jan was in the studio with Maribelle singing “Still Touching Me”, a haunting and beautiful song about those who have moved on and those of us who are remembering them with love. Co-written by Jan, Brianna Bogle and power producer Ted Hutt. We spent the day with Marty Rifkin, the amazing co-producer. Maribelle moved forward at least 6 months in her artist development with the skilled ears of Jan and Marty crafting the vocal comp.

Jan Linder-Koda from Angel Diva Music has been mentoring students from SAE Institute for the last year. Her next class be an 8-week course on Songwriting.

Other courses Jan teaches at SAE are “Directing Singers In The Studio” along with Marvin Smith, from Truth 122. Marvin has many placements in TV/Film with his hip hop style of music.

For further information please call SAE Institute at 323-466-6323

Music Business Registry


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Aug 2010 Newsletter : Jan teaches at SESAC

  • August 26, 2010 1:15 am

Jody Whitesides, Sharif El-Mahdi, Jan and Tess Taylor

A few hundred songwriters and producers rocked the Skirball Center last Friday. We were all attending the once a year SESAC Boot Camp. Like the last two years, James Leach was the centerpiece of the event. The day was filled with great information, and incredible food and company. Appearing for the 2nd time was Grammy Award winning Greg Curtis with an inspiring lecture on “Handling your Business”. He brought a cast of characters such as manager Rooster Hurd, Dawn Osbourne, and motivator Doctor B. There were also panels with Trevor Gale, Ashley Miller, Music Supervisor Maddie Madsen, Ted Cohen, Gregory Riggle, and Hunter Williams and Jody Whitesides .Jan taught about artist development on the speed dating panel. James Leach and his fabulous team put on quite a show teaching about royalities and internet money paths. Join us for the Narip Brunch August 28th at the Angel Diva Music Studios.

In the Studio “Amazed By The Light” by Scott G, sung by Jan Linder-Koda and starring Danielle Egnew has over 6,944 views.

The song “Destined To Be One” written by Jan Linder-Koda and Scott G has over 1321 views.

While most summers are quiet this summer has been extremely busy. That’s a great sign here at Angel Diva Music. Thru your referrals, we have been working with the juniors and the adults. We offer a one stop shop from vocal technique to performance and songwriting, and business consultation. You can do it all here and have the career you have always dreamed of.

Jan Linder-Koda has been songwriting with Justin Winokur (pictured) and Lucy Sustar.

They have joined forces to write their third song together. The first two “Paper Airplanes” and “Sad Colored Glasses” turned out to be very successful.

In other studio news, Jan Linder-Koda, Lucy Sustar (pictured) and Donna Cypret are in the studio recording “I Don’t Want No Man” sung by Teresa James and co-produced with the awesome Marty Rifkin. This is a country song sure to please.

The continuing project with Michelle Davis singing the award winning “Damaged” written by Lucy Sustar and Jan Linder-Koda. We get to work with Marty Rifkin while he plays his amazing guitars.

When did you know you wanted to be a performer?

I feel that performing is incidental to my singing. I have just always been a singer whether there’s an audience or not. And I enjoy singing what I write, so it became clear more recently that I ought to explore performing the songs I have written.

Who were you favorite performers growing up?

I always enjoyed watching all kinds of musicals and loving them, and music videos of Madonna and the Bangles and stuff.

continue reading >

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New Song: Paper Airplanes

  • May 31, 2010 11:49 pm

Michelle Davis was in the studio with Jan and Marty Rifkin. The tune “Paper Airplanes” written by Justin Winokur, Lucy Sustar and Jan Linder-Koda turned out stellar! Andy Hill sat in on keys and dual bg with Jan. Marty was on guitars and bass. We laughed and had a great time. Always fun at Marty’s studio.

Listen to “Paper Airplanes”

SAE and Angel Diva Music

  • May 31, 2010 11:13 pm

Marvin Smith who has placed three songs in the TV show Entourage, has been part of the project being produced at SAE Institute. Jan has been teaching “Directing Singers from An Actor’s Prospective”.

Jan has taken up as the resident vocal expert teaching the engineering students how to work with singers including editing the best vocal performance and getting the best performance out of singers.

(Ivan Mendez Director of SAE, pictured right)

Click here to read an article about Jan on the SAE website.

Children’s Music Book Coming Soon!

  • May 31, 2010 10:33 pm

Coming soon from Jody, Jan and Heather… their children’s book, “The Button Family”. This is the delightful story of the family who moves to a new town. The story showcases the children’s songs, “Peanut Butter”, “Goosebumps”, “Play Play”, and “Balance My Allowance”. Watch for this delightful collection of songs and story.

Jan Linder-Koda On Air With Blog Talk Radio

  • May 31, 2010 10:03 pm

Creative Soul is a show dedicated to featuring creativity in all forms. Everyone is welcome!  Jan Linder-Koda had the priviledge to be a featured guest along with Raven Parade.

Click here to listen to Jan’s interview >

Featured Artist~ Sharif

  • May 25, 2010 7:09 pm

Americana artist “Sharif” recently returned from a promo tour across  the US.

Below are his thoughts on the experience:

“It’s tough being a DIY artist these days, and you really have to commit a lot of time to accomplish your goals.  One of my goals for 2010 has been to gain and maintain more radio play throughout the United States for my new record “Kisses and Lies.” I spent the first two weeks in January mailing out 500 CD’s to targeted radio stations, then following up with every program director.  Beginning in March, I started visiting many of these stations, meeting the program directors in person and thanking them for all their support.

I finally returned home a few days ago, and I’m very pleased with what I accomplished on the road.  My first single “Dark Side of the Dawn” has risen to #89 on the FMQB charts.  I’ve significantly increased my number of fans on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and my mailing list.  I see more traffic on my websites, more downloads from iTunes, and more fans at my shows.  I’ve worked hard to for these results, but there’s plenty more to do in 2010.”


For more info, please visit www.sharifmusic.com