• Artists will be presented with a patented vocal warmup guaranteed to protect and open up the voice before each lesson.
  • Artists will also learn basic singing techniques including, but not limited to, connection of chest, middle and head voices with a gospel belt.
  • Artists will be given exercises that encourage the application of learned techniques in the material they provide or material provided for them.
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  • Jan has produced albums and EPs for artists at Angel Diva Music as well as other studios in the greater LA area.
  • Experienced songwriters should come in with reference material. Each project will be approached individually according to the artists' needs.
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  • Angel Diva Music is a project studio.
  • Projects are co-produced by Angel Diva Music as well as powerful producers in the business such as Matt Moss, Marty Rifkin, James Kocian, Danny Naim, Lucy Sustar, and many more.
  • Artists can expect powerful productions, mentoring from gifted musicians in the business, acting directions during sessions to help access feelings from the artists, and competitive vocals.
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  • Artists are taught songwriting from a character point of view.
  • Songwriting is broken down into three separate systems.
    1. Who
    2. What
    3. Where
  • First, we create the characters (who) and establish the relationship between the two characters.
  • Second, we describe the activity in the lyric (what).
  • Third, we describe the setting (thinking of the video)
  • Artists will collaborate with Jan and estalished songwriters who partner with Angel Diva Music. Artists can fast-track their careers through the unparalleled contacts and connections provided by Angel Diva Music.
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  • Jan Linder-Koda has appeared in several feature films including "Bruce Almighty", "My Sister's Keeper" with Kathy Bates, and "Silent Night, Deadly Night, Part 5" (The Toymaker). She has also done acting work in many TV shows like "The Bernie Mac Show" and commercials. Watch her reel here.
  • Artists are taught the behaviors of acting. This teaches the artist to "show" rather than just "tell." The artist learns how to touch the emotions of the song and deliver the story through sound and picture.
  • Through a series of physical exercises, the artist is taught to show emotions on the face, the best storyteller of all.
  • Then, the artist is taught acting exercises that break down the lyrics into a script, creating an emotional road map.
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