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Once More with Feeling: Essential Class for the Performing Songwriter, w/Grammy-nominated Jan Linder-Koda

Essential Class for the Performing and/or Songwriter! Grammy-nominated Jan Linder-Koda taps into the truth of the storyteller in you. Deliver riveting performances.  Create characters that come from a deeper understanding and use that knowledge in your writing process.  Develop and brand your act, from the songs to the business side of your career. Work with a Grammy-nominated songwriter/actor/performance coach whose understanding of emotional truth and whose championing of artists leads to profound breakthroughs. Special guests will enhance the class with some of the industry's most respected developers of talent. 

When: 6 Saturdays beginning Febuary 8th thru March 15th, 2014 at 4:00 – 6:00 P.M.

What: “Once More With Feeling” is an Essential Class for Performing Songwriters and will be of value to singers, artists, and producers as well.  Jan Linder-Koda is a Grammy nominated singer/songwriter with 20 Grammy winners to her client list, and in this class she unpacks a lifetime of experience guiding talented people in their careers, creatively and professionally. 

In this class you will...
Find out how to reveal the who, what, and where of the song.
Learn about the three dimensions of award winning performances.
Understand how to stay fresh and reveal your inner voice; turn up the volume of your emotions!
Learn the difference between writing the song and performing the song.
Explore how to be a great storyteller and how to have great performances night after night.
Develop engaging stage patter
Learn how to have a successful vocal recording session
Understand how to develop and brand yourself as a performer or artist

$300 includes tuition and download of book “Once More with Feeling”

Eligibility:  For singers and songwriters of all abilities.  Jan Linder-Koda has the skills to work with you on your level to take your performance to the next level.

About The Class:
Jan says, "Every singer I've ever worked with tells me they're not an actor. But that's not true. All singers are actors.  Being a great performer involves the triangle of performing, the technical, the emotional, and the physical.  My method adds the emotional intentions and the physical attributes to the mix, giving you, the performer, a complete "tool box” to successfully bring the song to life.  Turn up the volume of your emotions to perform at Rock Star level leaving your audiences begging for more. "