Angel Diva Music launches a new program called “In The Studio”. Jan interviews breaking artists. Join us to hear the journey of these talented performers. These are in depth 15 minute interviews. We explore what makes these artists so special and what they do to make their packages individual and top notch.
Jan Linder-Koda Singer's Bootcamp Testimonials

May 21, 2011, Jan Linder-Koda and Ritch Esra held a professional Boot Camp for Singers at Angel Diva Music Studios. The event was filmed by Tom Bishel. Each singer received personal attention and was filmed and critiqued by Jan, Rich and the members of the group. The acting exercises were very effective in bringing about an immediate change in each performer. (More in my guide “Directing Singers from an Actor’s Perspective) Joining us for the next workshop will be casting director Ranya Apploff. Watch for details...


Jan Linder Koda
Singer's Bootcamp

Jeremy Weinglass (Part 1)

Jeremy Weinglass (Part 2)

Tiffany Alvord Songwriters
Vantage + "The Reason Is
You" perfomance

Ethan Gold (Part 1)

Ethan Gold (Part 2)

Haroula Rose

Lamn Jam on KTLA