Jody Whitesides, Sharif El-Mahdi, Jan and Tess Taylor

A few hundred songwriters and producers rocked the Skirball Center last Friday. We were all attending the once a year SESAC Boot Camp. Like the last two years, James Leach was the centerpiece of the event. The day was filled with great information, and incredible food and company. Appearing for the 2nd time was Grammy Award winning Greg Curtis with an inspiring lecture on “Handling your Business”. He brought a cast of characters such as manager Rooster Hurd, Dawn Osbourne, and motivator Doctor B. There were also panels with Trevor Gale, Ashley Miller, Music Supervisor Maddie Madsen, Ted Cohen, Gregory Riggle, and Hunter Williams and Jody Whitesides .Jan taught about artist development on the speed dating panel. James Leach and his fabulous team put on quite a show teaching about royalities and internet money paths. Join us for the Narip Brunch August 28th at the Angel Diva Music Studios.

In the Studio “Amazed By The Light” by Scott G, sung by Jan Linder-Koda and starring Danielle Egnew has over 6,944 views.

The song “Destined To Be One” written by Jan Linder-Koda and Scott G has over 1321 views.

While most summers are quiet this summer has been extremely busy. That’s a great sign here at Angel Diva Music. Thru your referrals, we have been working with the juniors and the adults. We offer a one stop shop from vocal technique to performance and songwriting, and business consultation. You can do it all here and have the career you have always dreamed of.

Jan Linder-Koda has been songwriting with Justin Winokur (pictured) and Lucy Sustar.

They have joined forces to write their third song together. The first two “Paper Airplanes” and “Sad Colored Glasses” turned out to be very successful.

In other studio news, Jan Linder-Koda, Lucy Sustar (pictured) and Donna Cypret are in the studio recording “I Don’t Want No Man” sung by Teresa James and co-produced with the awesome Marty Rifkin. This is a country song sure to please.

The continuing project with Michelle Davis singing the award winning “Damaged” written by Lucy Sustar and Jan Linder-Koda. We get to work with Marty Rifkin while he plays his amazing guitars.

When did you know you wanted to be a performer?

I feel that performing is incidental to my singing. I have just always been a singer whether there’s an audience or not. And I enjoy singing what I write, so it became clear more recently that I ought to explore performing the songs I have written.

Who were you favorite performers growing up?

I always enjoyed watching all kinds of musicals and loving them, and music videos of Madonna and the Bangles and stuff.

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