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October 2010 Newsletter

  • November 10, 2010 8:04 am

Every year Taxi®, the worlds leading independent A&R company, hosts a Road Rally, where current Taxi® members can meet major and indie label A&R people, publishers and Film & TV music licensing experts and supervisors.

Jan from Angel Diva Music will be mentoring and teaching at the Taxi® Road Rally November 4th thru November 7th.  Jan will be teaching her popular class “Directing Singers from an Actor’s Perspective”. Last year thousands of songwriters from around the world came to the Los Angeles Westin Hotel.

Look for the Artist Development guide “Directing Singers from an Actor’s Perspective” written by Jan and Bernard Baur. Jan Linder-Koda’s “Guide to a Great Vocal Performance” will help singers and producers understand what it takes to achieve a great performance, in the studio and on stage. Filled with tips, advice and exercises, it will show you how singers can connect with the emotional content of their songs. An artist advocate, award-winning journalist and educator; Bernard Baur has been the connection between the streets and the suites for many artists. More on how to buy this comprehensive book for singers and producers coming up.

Jan Linder-Koda from Angel Diva Music hosted a NARIP Brunch on August 28th. There was a great crowd. The mixer was fabulous and many connections were made. People brought their instruments and we had a great jam. Tess put on a fine event and we all had a feast provided by Angel Diva Music and Tess Taylor. If you would like to host a narip brunch, contact Tess Taylor at

Jan was in the studio with Maribelle singing “Still Touching Me”, a haunting and beautiful song about those who have moved on and those of us who are remembering them with love. Co-written by Jan, Brianna Bogle and power producer Ted Hutt. We spent the day with Marty Rifkin, the amazing co-producer. Maribelle moved forward at least 6 months in her artist development with the skilled ears of Jan and Marty crafting the vocal comp.

Jan Linder-Koda from Angel Diva Music has been mentoring students from SAE Institute for the last year. Her next class be an 8-week course on Songwriting.

Other courses Jan teaches at SAE are “Directing Singers In The Studio” along with Marvin Smith, from Truth 122. Marvin has many placements in TV/Film with his hip hop style of music.

For further information please call SAE Institute at 323-466-6323

Music Business Registry

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Judging Lamn Jam on The KTLA Morning News

  • March 15, 2010 3:12 pm

Jan was lucky enough to join DJ Ashba and Tess Taylor as judges of Lamn Jam.

The Los Angeles Music Network (LAMN), promotes education, career advancement and good will among artists and creatives. LAMN Jams give talented artists a platform to perform their original material for music industry experts. These contests foster artistry and talent development, enable professional introductions and deals that advance artist careers. LAMN is a sister organization of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) which caters to record executives.