SAE and Angel Diva Music

  • May 31, 2010 11:13 pm

Marvin Smith who has placed three songs in the TV show Entourage, has been part of the project being produced at SAE Institute. Jan has been teaching “Directing Singers from An Actor’s Prospective”.

Jan has taken up as the resident vocal expert teaching the engineering students how to work with singers including editing the best vocal performance and getting the best performance out of singers.

(Ivan Mendez Director of SAE, pictured right)

Click here to read an article about Jan on the SAE website.

Judging Lamn Jam on The KTLA Morning News

  • March 15, 2010 3:12 pm

Jan was lucky enough to join DJ Ashba and Tess Taylor as judges of Lamn Jam.

The Los Angeles Music Network (LAMN), promotes education, career advancement and good will among artists and creatives. LAMN Jams give talented artists a platform to perform their original material for music industry experts. These contests foster artistry and talent development, enable professional introductions and deals that advance artist careers. LAMN is a sister organization of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) which caters to record executives.

Jan teaches at SAE Institute

  • January 18, 2010 10:07 am

Jan Linder-Koda taught the next installment of  her course “Directing Singers in the Studio”at SAE Institute. This lesson of vocal editing was attended by producers, engineers and singers. Musician and engineer Mike was there to run the board and lend his expertise. Singer Stella Urbanek was the artist of the day. Jan will be back at SAE on a regular basis.


Angel Diva Music’s Jan Linder Koda Teaches Students About Vocalist Direction

Jan 17th, 2010

“As a part of our Different Genres/Different Techniques Series, singer/songwriter/producer, Jan Linder Koda from Angel Diva Music lead her Vocalist Workshop today where she delved into how to communicate your needs for your project, how understanding the emotions behind a song will help you and your vocalist, and lessons she’s learned and still learning in the industry. A great time was had by all as Jan opened the students’ eyes to a whole other aspect to audio engineering that will make their projects stand out among the crowd. Keep checking out for dates and times of this exciting and informative series!

We want to thank Jan for her expertise and knowledge she shared with our students today and hopefully in future projects!”