Americana artist “Sharif” recently returned from a promo tour across  the US.

Below are his thoughts on the experience:

“It’s tough being a DIY artist these days, and you really have to commit a lot of time to accomplish your goals.  One of my goals for 2010 has been to gain and maintain more radio play throughout the United States for my new record “Kisses and Lies.” I spent the first two weeks in January mailing out 500 CD’s to targeted radio stations, then following up with every program director.  Beginning in March, I started visiting many of these stations, meeting the program directors in person and thanking them for all their support.

I finally returned home a few days ago, and I’m very pleased with what I accomplished on the road.  My first single “Dark Side of the Dawn” has risen to #89 on the FMQB charts.  I’ve significantly increased my number of fans on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and my mailing list.  I see more traffic on my websites, more downloads from iTunes, and more fans at my shows.  I’ve worked hard to for these results, but there’s plenty more to do in 2010.”


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