This year has started with a bang. My Angel Diva Music artists are already on-deck for a great package. Spencer Goodman has been burning up the studio with Jan and Arash. Spencer is an amazing talent with a sensual image and a voice to match. Spencer is the daughter of an old friend of Jan’s Mark Goodman, original MTV DJ with shows on VH1 and many other radio and TV shows. Jan and Mark are both from Philly and they also studied at “Harvey Lembeck’s improv comedy group.

Arash and Jan have been recording the vocal their new dance song called “Transcontinental”. This cool track has already been picked up by music supervisor Jennifer Lyneis. Arash’s sound is a mixture of hip-hop and jazz. A brand new artist named Michelle ( pictured) is getting the Marty Rifkin flavor working with Jan and Marty on her 1st solo project. More news on Michelle to follow up.