At this time of year we think of the charities that we contribute to. What are everyone’s favorite charities that you contribute to? I contribute to autism organizations, and project cuddle. My son has autism. When we were going to adopt we became familiar with Project Cuddle who saves abandoned babies. How about you?

People are talking about Jan’s album “Sophisticated Lullabies” We have sold almost 700 albums and given $5000.00 to autism organizations. Buy your copy by clicking the link below.

“I bought your “Sophisticated Lullabies” CD several years ago, and I listen to it often. I also share the songs with every little person in my life! Your music now soothes their children. Adults I know who still struggle with disabilities can really appreciate your gentle vocals and tender lyrics, and the kid in me is always touched when I listen to your songs. Thank you for sharing your gifts. ”

-Linda Kay Burk-Positive Music

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Join award-winning songwriter/producer Jan Linder-Koda for a mentoring session. She will improve your vocal skills, performance quality, songwriting abilities, studio techniques and answer any questions related to artist development. Lessons must be used by January 29, 2011.

As a Thank You for referring a friend, Im offering a free session for every referral who commits to a package of 4 sessions with me.
Guide Tip: Often, I’ve noticed that singers will focus so much on technique they forget about feelings. They worry about the sound of their voice instead of the emotions in the song. Unfortunately, by doing so they limit the impact they could have and leave the audience out of the equation. Performers who do that may be entertaining, but they’re not communicating. And communication is the key to a successful vocal career. Indeed, the best singers in the world are also world-class communicators. Their performance is so good they can even make an average song better.

Maribelle Bontilao was back in the studio recording a brand new track for the pop song “The Light Inside Your Heart” by Jan and Michael Orland (musical director of American Idol) We brought in the big guns with Michael. We laughed even harder with the combination of Marty, Michael, Mirabelle Mykee, and Jan (the only one not starting with an M).

Tiffany Alvord was back with Jan at Marty Rifkin’s studio recording her own song “Crazy Good”. Tiffany is the amazing 18 year old who has over 4 million hits and over 280 thousand fans on her YouTube channel. She can teach even the old dogs new marketing tricks.

Mia Garrison recorded at Roy Braverman”s Studio. The song was the charming kid song written by Jan Linder-Koda called “Catered Snacks”. This is the 3rd time Mia has recorded and has an amazing voice. She is ready to get her fan pages together. She’s one of those kids who a producer prays for. I feel pretty lucky to be working with her.

Angel Diva Music has many instrumental tracks that you can use to record Jan’s original songs for your package. We make it economically possible for many of our clients to afford a radio ready recording. Many of my clients share tracks. Call Jan to find out more details.

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