Directing Singers is a big hit. You have been downloading the guide. Here’s another tip from the guide.

TIP from Michael Orland (Musical Director for American Idol) “Singers should be well rehearsed so we can do all the fun creative stuff in the studio. Nothing is worse than spending studio time to learn a song.”

This Guide will help singers and producers understand what it takes to achieve a great vocal performance, in the studio and on the stage. Filled with tips, advice and exercises, it will show you how singers can connect with the emotional content of their songs and leave their audiences longing for more.

Jan was interviewed by Doctor Julie Rohde-Brown as the two explore what it is like to parent a child with autism.
Join award-winning songwriter/producer Jan Linder-Koda for a mentoring session. She will improve your vocal skills, performance quality, songwriting abilities, studio techniques and answer any questions related to artist development. Contact Jan for details…

This has been such a busy time in the studio. We recorded a wonderful children’s session on Michael Caruso’s “Claudia Jolie,” with ‘saving the world with sound Roy Braverman’, engineering.

Jan and Roy Braverman were co-producers along with Lena Tufenjian on Lena’s project. Lena is a pop artist who has a beautiful voice along with her songs. You can catch Lena on Reverbnation.

We are currently in the studio with upcoming star Tiffany Alvord. The song is “Crazy Good” written by Tiffany. Tiffany has 250,000 followers on her Youtube channel. Watch for this young artist to hit pretty hard. Her talent is pretty awesome.

We also recorded “Still Touching Me” with Samantha Falkenstein. This 11 year old has so much soul. The song written by Jan Linder-Koda, Brianne Bogel, and Ted Hutt (Flogging Molly producer), is a haunting song about those loved and lost.

Jan and Marty have been in the studio recording. Patrice and Jan go way back to several years. It is wonderful that this match has finally happened in the studio.

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