Skype is working. Jan has been teaching people artist development from vocal technique to business strategies. Skype is free and feels like you are communicating in the same room. We have clients from Amsterdam, Sweden, Boston. Give it a try. You can pay in advance by PayPal. It’s free to download and free to use. *Skype is free to download. There is an hourly fee for sessions with Angel Diva Music.

Jan attended this year’s taxi road rally. She taught and mentored one on one, and had many heart to heart talks with several artists from around the world. Jan’s artist Tiffany Alvord (pictured left) was on the marketing panel. She is the 17 year old wonder who has over 250 thousand fans and over 4 million hits on YouTube. Jan has the privilege of producing her.

Jan with Beau Dozier where they were both mentors. Jan taught Beau when he was a little boy. He was in her production of “Christmas Has Been Cancelled” He played Santa. He still is just as sweet as he was then. He still is just as sweet as he was then.

My best laugh of the weekend was with Dorian Frankel and Lucy Sustar at lunch. It was so great running in to so many friends, like Joanne and John Braheny, Jason Blume (who is also from Philly) Simeon Speigel, Tom Bishel, Frankin Spicer, Alex Del Zoppo, Toni Koch, Shakeh Herbeckian, you get the idea.

Jan and Bernard Baur wrote a guide called “Directing Singers From An Actor’s Perspective”. Every copy taken to the rally was SOLD! Some of the highlights from this year were Jan and Bernard Baur’s class on “Artist Development”. Watch for the full book coming out early 2011.

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Written and sung by Jan herself,
a beautiful collection of childeren’s songs.

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